Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First post

Welcome to my first post in the Microkini Fan blog !!

I am a closet fan of microkini swimwear - many years have been spent searching for and collecting images, videos, stories and links throughout the Internet. One of these slow days, I may attempt to count up everything I've collected, but my estimate would be well into 100,000 items.

Sometime in a future post, I tell the story of how I grew from a kid at the local pool which found women in swimwear to be really fun to watch, to the closet fan I've become now.

I'll share links I've discovered over the years to some rarely seen microkinis (The vast majority of images found online seem to be the same pictures grabbed for pay or porn sites and traded over again).

One of the things that I have started to contemplate is "THE PERFECT MICROKINI". I don't think that one single style exists that I would call perfect - there are so many to choose from. But in my quest, I've discovered a few themes that keep re-occurring. In order to make these a reality, I've started photo-editing some of my favorte microkini pictures to create my favorite modifications. If anyone is interested to see, check out my MicrokiniFan FLICKR page.

(You'll need to have a Flickr account to access this site. I've rated the photos as "restricted" because of some of the explicit content.)

One thing you may notice is that I've created quite a few Texas Microkini Club designs. Therefore, I must be from Texas! Later I'll give you some links to a few adult-themed stories that I have written on Literotica to explain the official "Texas Microkini Club".

I've attempted to blog a few times on this topic around other sites (MySpace, GeoCities, etc), but I'll keep this one as my new main outlet to spew my thoughts.

Well, I've given only a brief introduction so far.

More to come ......


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