Thursday, May 29, 2008

What is it?

OK, so what is a microkini? Not an easy answer, at least for me.

A "Micro Bikini" can be of almost any shape, size, material, construction, fabric, etc. And it also very much depends on the body by which it is worn. (That is to say that a nice thong worn by a smaller woman may appear to be a microkini when worn on a different body shape.)

I am not going to attempt a "History of the Microkini" here, because I don't think there is a definitive source. It is sort of a nebulous creation that has grown quite quickly during the past 10 or so years. Not to say that microkinis didn't exist more than 10 years ago, but they just were not as mainstream as currently.

With the explosion of the Internet, the ability of niche manufactures to find a wide audience for their products became reality. Someone with a custom swimwear shop on Venice Beach or South Beach might have a selection of microkins, but the number of these sold would probably not justify the entire business. Today try Google-ing "microkini" or "micro bikini" and see how may hits you receive (279,000 and 1,560,000 respectively - probably mostly trash sites, not all manufactures). Just proves that the term has hit mainstream.

So back on "topic" - what is it?

I'd like to post a topic on examples of several different microkini styles, so here I'll just concentrate on the "classic" microkini style. (For an excellent and very rigorous discussion on all bikini styles, see Judson's website Bikiniscience

Once the front triangle begins to reduce in size (width, height, or shape), we begin to enter the microkini zone.

The top width is approximately the same, but the triangle narrows considerably. The sheer-when-wet fabric is common.

When the top width is also reduced, we come to the "classic" microkini style - the same shape as a very tiny g-string. Here are three examples of the classic style by WickedWeasel

You can see that is style of microkini fully covers the labia, but just barely !!! (as opposed to other microkini styles to be discussed later, which expose more). Therefore the shape of a woman's labia determines the fit and presentation (or exposure). As you will see throughout the examples of all microkinis, different body types result in interesting variations of the exact same style (i.e. - some are better than others).

Variations of this abound .......

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