Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why wear microkinis?

Why wear microkinis? I thought about it for awhile and here's what I came up with:

I think it is all about the tease factor. How small can a piece of clothing become and still be considered as clothing? I think a micro bikini falls into this category of tease.

Compared to clothing that is socially acceptable (i.e. everyday clothing worn in public situations), swimwear in general is not considered to be acceptable in everyday public gatherings. For the most part (in the U.S. at least), you won't see swimwear exclusively worn while grocery shopping, going to church, watching a movie, or working at your job. Outside of the obvious problems with wearing only swimwear at all times (too cold, no protection from the elements), it is socially unacceptable in these situations.

This is the basic human nature of personal modesty. If there was no such a thing, everyone in the world would all be naked (like the rest of the animals on the earth). Modesty, thanks to Adam and Eve and original sin.

Swimwear overall is not a social taboo either (like nudity), unless you are a member of certain religious, nationality or belief-based groups. Many countries allow swimwear to be worn, and to varying degrees, in different public situations. Even in various regions within a country, varying degrees of swimwear acceptability exist. In a coastal "beach town", it may be completely acceptable to go shopping wearing nothing by a bikini. A few miles down the road, maybe not.

Obviously swimwear is acceptable in public locations such as a beach, lakeshore, or swimming pool. This clothing has evolved over hundreds (thousands?) of years to provide modest covering of the human body, while allowing the user comfortable activity. We are living in a time where swimwear (in general) has become smaller than at almost any time in the past. Just look at pictures of bathers in the 1800s, early 1900s, and up to the 60s and 70s. Compared to today, bathing suits were downright huge. So today's swimwear is a reflection of our current level of socially acceptable swim clothing, displaying the appropriate modesty in public.

Once this socially acceptable clothing begins to reduce in size, the number of public locations where the clothing can be worn reduces exponentially. When an ordinary women's bikini is reduced to a ordinary style thong (not even a micro), it becomes taboo and forbidden in some locations. Public areas such as swimming pools and beaches (in the U.S.) are considered "family friendly", and as a result thongs are not allowed. Here the modesty line has been crossed and it has been declared "unacceptable". (Here variations between countries can be easily seen - thongs are very common in Brazil and Europe, somewhat less common in the U.S., and almost non-existent in the Middle East and parts of Asia).

As a men's or woman's thong bikini becomes even smaller, even the most liberal of locations will begin to have issues. Somewhere here is a gray area where clothing transitions from "acceptable" to "sexual". A confident woman what would wear a thong bikini everyday to the local pool may shun the idea of wearing a WickedWeasel micro bikini to the same pool. A thong is a thong, but the line has been crossed.

So is a microkini acceptable anywhere? I guess from a functional standpoint, a very tiny thong may keep a user's genatalia and nipples from sunburn. But other than that, does a microbikini really do anything more than provide a avenue of expression? The amount ot material difference between a microkini and being nude is a mere few inches (or less). If one was truly only interested in protecting their penis from a sunburn, then they would wear a larger clothing garment or use sunblock while in the nude. It has also been widely discussed that micro swimwear is not functional for actual swimming because it doesn’t stay in place very well. We're back to my first statement - it's all about the tease factor.

If you have (or you think you have) an attractive body, then there is some self-satisfaction of showing it off. If your not in a location were you can be nude all of the time, then microkinis are probably the only method of displaying the maximum amount of your body, while maintaining a minimum amount of modesty. Not being one of those possessing a perfect body myself, there is admiration when viewing a "more-perfect" human body - male or female. Just watch TV or open a magazine. They are filled with images of "more-perfect" forms. You won't see many downright ugly prople on TV, like you'd see at your local WalMart.

When you are confident with your body and your self, either by genetic luck or hard work, showing it off provides the feedback of gratification. Standing in front of a mirror in your bedroom observing yourself in a microkini does provide this gratification, but not as much as being in public. The higher level of gratification obtained in public is increased due to the above discussion of being socially acceptable and of modesty.

I see two versions of teasing here. Two dictionary definitions of "tease" are (1) "Arouse feeling without giving satisfaction" and (2) "Deliberately annoy".

The first definition I think is used between opposite sexes. A person may use a microkini to arouse feelings with no actual intent to act upon those feelings. As a male, the image of a beautiful woman in a tiny bikini is elicits a level of arousal. I'll let any female make a similar statement of the male image.

The second definition is rarer, but I think it may apply within the same sex. A very fit man may wear a microkini to display their body to other man in a "look what I got" mode. Similarly a woman may wear a microkini in a manner to show off their body to other women in the same "look what I got" mode.

Wrapping this up, I can summarize by saying that I think there is no actual functional reason to wear a microkini. The reason I believe is to provide self-satisfaction and gratification for a person who believes they possess an attractive body, or to initiate some amount of tease (good or bad) to gain different type of gratification.

Any opinion on my theory would be welcome.

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